GU5.3 3 W LED reflector bulb Superstar with fantastic glass design This reflector lamp has a variety of uses and is a reliable light source with a long lifetime of 25,000 hours. The glass design of the lamp is reminiscent of traditional halogen lamps and can replace them up to 20 watts. The reflector lamp can emit either a warm white or cool white light and also has great colour rendering of RA80, which makes colours look very natural. Characteristics: - very energy-efficient (EEC A+) - the LED reflector bulb can be dimmed - has a beam angle of 36° - available in 2 luminous colours: warm white (2,700 K) and cool white (4,000 K) - has a variety of uses: Museums, sales rooms, hospitality industry, downlight to mark doorways, stairs, walkways, as lighting for display cases or shop windows, at home, to create mood lighting in living areas, etc.

Product features

Energy efficiency class A+

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