This lamp combines efficiency, brightness and quality. And this is with a life span of up to 5,000 h or 5 years (with approximately 3 hours/day) Thanks to the innovative technology and infrared coating IRC, you can save a lot of electricity and therefore up to 65% in costs compared to standard halogen bulbs - or you can achieve a significantly higher brightness when replacing with halogen bulbs of the same wattage. - Up to 65 % savings in costs through IRC technology (compared to standard halogen bulbs, depending on the price of electricity) - Constant brightness throughout the lifespan - UV-FILTER - dimmable - consistent blue colour impression of the light exiting through the back of the reflector - KLR reflector reduces the heat load in the light bundle by up to 66% - Colour temperature: 3,000 K warm white, comfortable light A ++ A + A B C D E Show full energy efficiency label

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Energy efficiency class B

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