Low voltage LED reflector bulb with GU5.3 socket (MR16) in different ray angles Advantages - Highest savings in energy (up to 80% compared to LV halogen bulbs) - No UV radiation, therefore very suitable for objects sensitive to light like paintings, high quality textiles, leather goods, etc. - No IR radiation and low heat development, through this suitable for illuminating heat sensitive merchandise like food food - Long lifespan - Very low maintenance/replacement costs Characteristics - dimmable - patented intelligent driver - compact dimensions through active cooling - further optimised - Lifespan: 40,000 hours - Colour reproduction 80 - Bulb current 750 mA Usage - For accent and general lighting in hotels (lobbies, hallways, reception areas, elevators, display cases), restaurants, bars/cafes and in museums, shops and hospitals Notes - Temperature range: -20°C and +45°C room temperature - Only for indoor use in open/ventilated lamps - For ceiling installation, at least 10 mm...

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Energy efficiency class A

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