GU5,3 MR16 8 W LED reflector available in several variants and bright 430 lumens With a beam angle of optionally 30° or 60°, this LED reflector illuminates every room whether small or large. The dimmable lights enable versatile lighting accents, which create different atmospheric lighting, as desired. In addition to approx. 85 % in energy savings due to the innovative LED technology, this LED reflector bulb benefits from 25,000 hours of light and hence reliably emits light for many years. Characteristics: - can replace conventional reflectors of up to 40 watts - available in several variants: 35° beam angle - dimmable / 35° beam angle - not dimmable 60° beam angle - dimmable / 60° beam angle - not dimmable A ++ A + A B C D E Show full energy efficiency label

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Energy efficiency class A

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