GUFO GT Ceramic Plate Radiant Heater - Gufo GT 2/Gufo GT 4 - With or Without Glass - Optional Two-stage burning system



Gufo GT is especially suitable for awnings and parasols with its asymmetric design that increases heating efficiency to high points. Gufo GT provides economic with a high radiation capacity via natural gas operated working principle. It is designed as low capacity and lightweight for the spaces with limited hanging height. TECHNICAL FEATURES Product Code Gufo GT 2 Gufo GT 4 1. Step Power 2 kW 4 kW 2. Step Power 4 kW 8 kW Heating Area 4-8 m² 8-16 m² Natural Gas Consumption 0,42 m³/saat 0,84 m³/saat Recommended Hanging Height**(H) 2,0 m Natural Gas Pressure 20-55 mbar