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There is an increased risk of infection not only in the traditional critical surgical zone but also anywhere around the sterile field when foreign matters strike during the process of surgery. The spread of bacteria usually happens when a surgical drape is not impervious. Impervious drapes cannot be penetrated with liquid strikethrough thus reducing the possibility of bacteria transfer and contamination. Thus it is important to choose drapes that are reliable. Our surgical drape is a top performer when it comes to being impervious to strike though, it is strong and has steadfast adhesion, it has a fluid control feature, and is definitely excellent in providing comfort. Surgeine drapes are prepared with high quality and skin friendly adhesive tapes that safely puts the drapes in place. Specialised Gynecology Packs- Delivery Pack -C-Section Pack -Gynea Pack -Lithotomy Pack

Disposable medical and surgical articles
  • Gynaecology & Obestertricss Pack
  • Sterile Gynaecological Pack
  • Gynaecological Delivery Pack

Product features

Minimum Order Quantity 100 Piece
Application Gyneacology Pack
Types Fixable Pack
Material Non-Woven
Category Reinforced
Sterility Sterile

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Surgical Packs by Surgeine Healthcare India Private Limited, New Delhi

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