Gantry Table System - FB2

ideal basis for the building of CNC machines and applications


Instant Automation - Out of the Box! isel Germany AG flatbed and portal units are X/Y/Z units, the ideal basis for setting up machines and systems for fitting and assembling, printing and engraving, drilling and milling, dosing and screwing, shaping and modelling, bonding and casting, soldering and welding, measuring and checking, sawing and cutting, etc... - Moving xy Gantry provides large stationary work surface - Available as XY or XYZ

Metal engraving - machine tools
  • cnc cut
  • Machine tools - metal machining
  • 3D machine

Product features

Frame sizes D x F (mm) 1210 x 946 | 1210 x 1196 | 1210 x 1446 | 1460 x 1446 | 1710 x 1846
Gap Z (mm) 190 (300 / 500 - on request)
Delivery Time: 4 - 6 weeks!

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