Gantry washing machine

Automatic washing unit


Fully automated spray cleaning system equipped with upward-opening passage curtain. The unit is designed for cleaning large and heavy parts and assemblies. Parts are put on a movable bottom (trolley) and move inside the washing chamber. The part is processed by means of a gantry U-shaped ramp with multidirectional nozzles on all sides. The efficient cleaning of surfaces that helps to remove a wide variety of contaminants is carried out with an alkaline cleaning solution heated to a predetermined temperature.

Industrial washing facilities
  • Cleaning, industrial
  • systems and machinery for cleaning metals
  • industrial belt washing machines for metals

Product features

Washing space length Min 2500 mm, Max 2500 mm
Washing space width Min 1000 mm, Max 1700 mm
Washing space height Min 1000 mm, Max 1400 mm
Capacity (maximum) 4000 kg/ sq.m.

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