With the CALIPRI C14 wireless hand-held measuring device, you can evaluate gaps, edges and design lines with high accuracy and in seconds. The measurement is carried out using the patented Calipri principle - a further development of the laser light section method with automatic tilt and roll correction - which eliminates possible misalignment of the sensor. The user defines the position, evaluation strategy and tolerances of the individual measuring points. The measurement is then carried out with a swivelling movement of the sensor. The sensor records the contour from different perspectives - down to the depth of the gap or completely around a fold edge. The software then evaluates the gap dimension, the flush and the radii. The measured values are displayed on the tablet PC and sensor and compared with predefined limit values using a traffic light system. The measurement data can then be printed as a report or exported as a data record and transferred to existing databases.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • Handheld
  • Profile Measurement
  • Sensor

Product features

Technology Laser light section
Data transfer WiFi, Bluetooth

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