Carbon dioxide detection in industrial plants: Measuring range 0 – 5 % or 0 – 2 % vol. For Martians – provided they exist – a carbon dioxide atmosphere might be their natural habitat. We earthlings can only tolerate low concentrations of this gas. It is true that we are using the special properties of CO 2 for many purposes, but in concentrations above 5000 ppm it can be hazardous to our health. Therefore it must be monitored. In areas that are rarely accessed, such as beverage dispensing facilities, a leak detector might do as a warning device. Wherever people are present, such as workplaces in plants, industrial grade gas detection equipment is required. Here it is: Statox 501 IR. This new version of the field proven Statox 501 IR for combustible gases operates as a 4 – 20 mA transmitter. It can be connected directly to a recording device, process control system, or the optional Statox 501 controller. Its unmatched compact design makes it operable in any environment whether it is food industry, chemical industry, refineries, or cleaning facilities. This explosion proof instrument will do the job everywhere. It is water proof (rated IP 67). The housing materials (stainless steel and fiber-reenforced polyamide) are rugged and easy to clean.

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