Gas Diffusion Electrodes
Biplex®  - GASKATEL


BiPlex®-electrodes are characterized by their porouse structure. Typical fields of application are: Water-Electrolysis Chlorine-Alkaline-Electrolysis Zinc-Air-Batteries Production of H2O2 Treatment of waster water Supercaps The manufacturing process of BiPlex is flexible and allows the use of many different catalysts: Platinum-Carbon Manganese oxide/Carbon Silver/Silver-Carbon Nickel/Nickel-Carbon Customer specific catalysts The catalysts are brought on woven metal meshs or carbon mats. Optionally the electrodes can be combined with porous PTFE-foil and/or micro porous separators. In this way it's possible to develop and manufacture customer specific electrodes. We offer a series of Standardelectrodes in our Online-Shop.

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