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Gas fire extinguishing modules

MGA-FS 65-XX-50


Fire extinguishing agent: gas (Freon 125, Freon 227, FK-5-1-12) Gas fire extinguishing modules MGA-FS 65-HH-50 are designed for long-term storage and emergency release into the protected room of a gas fire extinguishing agent (GFEA) when extinguishing a fire by volumetric or local volumetric method. They are used as part of automatic gas fire extinguishing systems of modular or centralized type. They are used to extinguish fires of class A, B, C and electrical equipment under voltage. Placed in protected premises or outside protected premises, in close proximity to them. Volume: 40 l, 50 l, 80 l, 100 l, 120 l, 140 l. The delivery set of the modules includes: a module with a shut-off valve and a pressure gauge (starting devices are not included in the delivery set), a protective cover, an operation manual with a passport for the module, a copy of the certificate of conformity for the module, packaging. The module is sold empty or filled with gas.

Product information

Working (maximum allowable) pressure, MPa (kgf / cm2)
6.4 (65)
Test pressure, MPa (kp / cm²)
9,8 (100)
Capacity, l
40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140
Nominal diameter of trigger, mm
Minimum pressure in the module at which its operability is maintained, MPa
Equivalent length, m (no more)
Cylinder type
Remaining GFEA after release, kg