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Gas flow sensor - FS7.4W - Optimal for applications requiring a high sensitivity up to +400 °C


The IST AG FS7.4W gas flow sensor has been developed for applications with temperatures up to 400 °C. The design of the FS7.4W is based on the FS7 design which offers a symmetrical heater that enhances sensitivity. The FS7.4W flow sensor is applicable in gas and offers excellent long-term stability. The small thermal mass of the FS7.4W sensor provides a fast response time. Further advantages of the FS7.4W thermal mass flow sensor include: — Easy adaptation in various applications and housings — Excellent long-term stability — Simple signal processing — Simple calibration — Stable platinum technology — Excellent reproducibility — Customer-specific sensor available upon request The IST AG FS7.4W flow sensors are optimal for measuring gas flow in various flow applications.