The test bench is designed for calibration with critically operated nozzles of domestic gas meters or others such as diaphragm gas meters, ultrasonic meters, thermoelectric gas meters. The test bench is specially designed for the calibration of domestic gas meters (bellows gas meters, ultrasonic meters, thermoelectric gas meters). The test bench is modular - 1x6 to 4x6 clamping positions for the gas meters can be combined. Due to the modular design 1 to 12 gas meters can be tested simultaneously. In parallel, up to twelve additional test pieces can be adapted, run in and leak tested. A magazine consisting of three critical nozzles is used as flow transmitter. Optionally, a nozzle drum with nine combinable nozzles can be used. This allows the generation of up to 512 different flow points with highest accuracy.

Calibration equipment
  • Domestic gas meter test bench
  • Gas meters
  • instrument calibration


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