Material: Piston rod and pressure tube steel. Fill medium: oil, nitrogen. Version: Piston rod, hard chromed. Piston rod Ø4 is stainless steel. Pressure tube painted black. Note: Gas springs are maintenance-free, self-contained systems that are filled with nitrogen under high pressure. For end-of-travel damping and lubrication, a defined amount of oil is also contained inside. The gas springs contain a nonreturn valve in a threaded pin on the pressurised pipe, which allows the pushing force to be lowered at a later time. As of size 08/19, storage and installation in any orientation is possible. Keep in mind, however, that end-of-travel damping is effective only when the piston rod extends downwards. As a consequence of the physical properties when filling a gas spring, a tolerance range of ±5% results for the rated pushing force. Gas springs are filled with nitrogen under high pressure and under no circumstances should they be opened or overloaded.

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Material steel, stainless steel, oil, nitrogen

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