Gas-Tight and CA Warehouses

80000.00€ TTC


The primary concern when making gas-tight and controlled gas environment warehouses for fruit and vegetable storage is their sealing. Global food losses have been documented at around 25% to 50% of production due to lack of cold chain infrastructure. In Russia this figure amounts to 30-40%, in India – up to 16%. Each year food loss and waste cost roughly $1 trillion in losses around the world. Most of the losses in the cold chain of fruit and vegetable supply occur during the period of product storage. PH Insulation offers modern sandwich panels made with fire-resistant PIR polyisocyanurate or PUR polyurethane foam core and gas-tight sliding doors for the construction of sealed warehouses and cold storage rooms with CA to preserve and ripen fruits, vegetables and berries.

Warehouses - cold storage
  • PIR
  • PUR
  • Construction

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