Gas-cooled weld head for applications with extreme narrow space requirements as e.g. in the semiconductor industry. Specially designed to weld micro-fittings. Unique construction, including specifically directed gas routing to improve gas coverage and material selection resulting in a high duty cycle even without water cooling. - Extreme narrow / compact design - Simple design allows easy to maintain - Handle with control element (start/stop kit with status display) - Arc Machines Model 9-500 cassettes will fit too Weld head type OSK 13 S | Tube size range mm OD 3.17 - 12.7mm | inch 0.125" - 0.500" | Weight 2.4kg Optional: OSK 13 S Microfit clamping cassette for welding with extreme narrow space requirements (Item number 1.3.4001+Ø)

Welding, soldering and brazing - equipment and supplies
  • orbital welding
  • orbital welding system
  • orbital weld head

Product features

Tube size range mm / inch OD 3.17 - 12.7mm / 0.125" - 0.500"
Weight 2.4kg

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