Statox 501 PID - the Allrounder PIDs (Photo – Ionisation – Detectors) detect VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the ppm range, which other sensor types are unable to monitor, like solvents and fuels. A PID sensor uses high energy ultra violet light radiation to break gas molecules into radicals, which are discharged while passing a condenser. The discharge current increases proportional to the number of molecules, i. e. the gas concentration. The standard Statox 501 PID will detect all substances with a ionization energy below 10,6 eV PIDs are normally calibrated with Isobutene. Other gases will be detected with different sensitivity. These so - called response factors must be multiplied with the displayed concentration when adjusting span. Compur Monitors will adjust your Statox 501 PID individually to your application ex works. A magnetic pin gives access to simple parameter setting and calibration menu. A multi - color LED signalises the status of the system. The Statox 501 PID voltage output signal is similar the the signal of a catalytic sensor. The Statox 501 control module displays the measured value and provides an analog output and 3 powerful relay outputs for alarm devices or pcs. Technical Data Material: Housing Interface Cast aluminum, Stainless steel

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