Filling plants and bottling from a single source Use our services and lay back. At Filltech, we can ensure gas filling services at custom-made aplications maintained and controlled at our premises. Gases for food and industrial applications, noble and special gases and different gas mixtures are filled accurately in different cylinders or containers. CO 2 cylinders for soda If you would like to know what tailor-made systems can achieve andhow many benefits they provide, we like to share our customer cases with you. In the food industry, for example, we cooperated with a soda supplier. We developed and manufactured a fully automatic filling plant. Up to 1,000 cylinders per hour can be drained, flushed and refilled automatically. An integrated leak test, a 100-percent weight loss and the acquisition of all the highest quality padding ensure a high quality process. Special software for monitoring and documenting the production parameters, developed by Filltech, ensures all statutory proc

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