Gear locker PLUS

to separate turnout gear and private clothing.


- Aluminium clothes rail made of oval profile with 3 non-twisting, non-tilting metal hooks - Material hooks fixed at the side, position can be changed as needed - Private compartment door with slot for personal documents and letters - Prepared for wall assembly easy to anchor and align Helmet compartment: The cut-out in the helmet compartment shelf guarantees that the helmet can be stored without buckling the neck protector. In addition, the recessed shelf makes it easier to store large helmets. Ventilation holes enable to quick drying. Private compartment: Available in width: 20 cm; 30 cm; 35 cm; 40 cm. Turnout gear and private clothing are stored separately. While the open compartment makes the quick access storage of turnout gear possible, the lockable compartment provides safe storage for private belongings. Colour of body and doors: Light grey, Flame red and Gentian blue are included, further on demand.. Locks The compartment can be equipped with different locks.

Firefighting vehicles and equipment
  • lockers
  • drying lockers for the fire brigade
  • Steel Lockers

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