System Solutions for Rack and Pinion Applications As a supplement to the well-known gearbox product ranges, MS-Graessner offers system solutions in the field of rack and pinion applications for mechanical and plant engineering. The DynaGear, KS-TwinGear, DynaGear DG and DynaGear PL systems consist of precise system components developed for automation technology. These include: low-backlash precision gearboxes spur gears toothed racks lubrication systems 8 sizes from T2B = 225 Nm to 11250 Nm Feed forces up to approximately 200 kN 3 precision classes Input speeds up to n1max = 8000 min-1 Feed speeds up to 4 m/s Gear transmission ratios from 15:1 to 75:1 Spur gear modules from m2 to m8

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