K series helical-bevel geared motors are a general-purpose drive and are designed to increase the torque and reduce the speed of various machines and mechanisms. Due to the unified connection dimensions K series helical-bevel geared motors can serve as a replacement for failed motor-reducers of other companies. The speed reducers can be supplied with the following accessories: • Side flange for mounting the speed reducer on the machine frame; • One-way or two-way drive shaft; • Reaction bar for reactive torque compensation. Available sizes: 0,37, 047, 057, 067, 077, 087, 097, 107, 127,157, 167, 187

Reducing gears, hydraulic
  • Moto-reducers
  • reduction units
  • gear motors

Product features

Range of ratios (i) from 5.36 to 197.37
Power range from 0.12 kW to 20 0 kW.
Torque range (М2) from 140 N•m to 50,000 N•m

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