Gelatine Neutral Density Filters - We offer Gelatine Neutral Density Filters for use in Photographic Applications

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Knight Optical can offer Gelatine Neutral Density Filters for use in Photographic Applications. We supply a range of Gelatine Neutral Density Filters for a range of applications. All individually QA checked and metrology tested for quality to ensure parts meet customer specification. Supplied in a range of sizes and shapes with custom coatings tailored to meet your individual applications. Knight Optical supply precision optical components to customers within Photographic Applications. Our Neutral Density Filters attenuate light neutrally over a wavelength range (usually visual). They can be used to lower the intensity of light prior to the image plane. These are often used in photography, allowing photographers more flexibility with their setups to achieve the desired effects. Often an ND filter will be used in conjunction with a long exposure to prevent washed out and overexposed images. For more information rread the PDF ….

Product information

Circular Filters, Square Filters
Dimensional Tolerances:
+/- 0.1mm
+/- 5%
Surface Quality:
< 60-40 Scratch/Dig