Supplies cartilage and joints with important nutrients as joint nutrition. Stimulates reconstruction of cartilage cells and the production of synovial fluid. Strengthens the collagen. Gelenkfit Extra is a natural aid for osteoarthritis. Should also be taken preventively by athletes. Supports/Is good for Cartilage and joints Collagen Skeletal system Swelling, inflammation and pain Area of use Musculoskeletal system, joints, cartilage, connective tissue. Recommended dose Persons under 60kg 3 capsules per day Persons under 100kg 4 capsules per day Persons over 100kg 5 caps per day Contents: 180 capsules Glucosamine is an essential building block of proteoglycans, proteins that bind the water in the cartilage tissue so that it retains its cushioning effect. Together with chondroitin, it stimulates the formation of new cartilage tissue, strengthens the collagen fibres and keeps enzymes that destroy cartilage under control.

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