Gemex is a hydraulically adjustable and mechanically lockable motor platform, which allows technicians to check and, if necessary, to adjust the belt‘s tension in the easiest and most efficient way. In 2 minutes your belts are replaced, no realignment is needed. It will reduce your maintenance & energy costs and increase the life cycle of your equipment. Gemex Belt Tensioning System Benefits The Gemex hydraulic belt tensioning system is designed to be compatible with all designs and types of existing belt tensioning systems. The Gemex system is easy to use and comes with many benefits: Energy Savings 5 to 10% energy savings ROI of ±1 year Ease of Maintenance Improved safety for maintenance operators Belts can be adjusted during production Belt replacement within 2 minutes No alignment required Easy access and maintenance No special education necessary, everybody can use Gemex Available for all applications Installation possible on every existing frame All types of...

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