Genat and Wood Helical Gearboxes - Australian Made & Owned Inline Helical Gearbox



Genat and Wood was established in 1976 as one of the first Australian made industrial gearbox manufacturers. In 2009, Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd acquired Genat and Wood, and are now the last Australian Made industrial gearboxes you will find in the world; still in production today. Our Genat and Wood brand of industrial inline helical gearboxes are officially Australian Made & Owned, and can be found on the Australian Made website. Our Genat and Wood brand of inline helicals have an input power range of 0.37kW to 132kW. They have the ability for all different types of mounting applications. Our Genat and Wood range also provide Aerator gearboxes and mixer drives, variable pulley drives and reducers. If you want a gearbox that you will only need to purchase once; that will last for more than 30 years, then Genat and Wood is the brand for you! They are tough boxes for a tough industry.