Geothermal switch and surface heating Our geothermal heating systems ensure that important switches and areas remain free of snow and ice and thus enable smooth operation – while at the same time you use an innovative, energy saving alternative to conventional systems. The geothermal heating devices are a particularly good investment on highly frequented tracks and areas with a lot of traffic such as platforms or shunting areas. This makes your infrastructure independent of the weather while also being economic and environmentally friendly. This is because energy consumption and CO2 emissions on intensively used tracks and other areas are reduced by approx. 60% to 80%. This sustainable technology offers the following benefits: Energy-efficient heating effect for ice and snow-free switches and surfaces Energy and cost savings Environmental friendly through lower CO2 emissions Free access also in winter Lower risk of accidents Lower costs for clearance services in winter Less salt and granulate damage Independence from overhead cable through use of 50 Hz power network


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