Dear partners! TPE Bonustrade LLC offers to delivery, to your enterprise, carbon additive (reducer) for glass making. To obtain brown glass, from golden to amber, it is necessary to create a reducing environment in the mixture. To this end, a reducing agent is introduced as one of the raw materials. The best of a number of reducing agents to date has proven itself and continues to hold the position - the reducing agent complex VKS-8. Its presence in the charge leads to the decomposition of sulfates and the formation of sulfides, i.e. there is a shift in equilibrium towards the formation of divalent iron cations, which ultimately stain the glass. №Name of indicatorsFact 1.Mass fraction of carbon, % not less97 2.Mass fraction of ashes, % no more3,5 3.Mass fraction of sulfur, %0,5 4.Mass fraction of moisture, % no more1,0 5.Pass through a grid 0200 (200 microns), %100 6.Pass through a grid 0063 (63 microns), %90 The price - contractual; Terms of payment – 100% prep.

Additives, dyes and pigments - industrial
  • glass restorer
  • glass dark pigment
  • carbon additives

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