Glasslube 760 is a solid free transparent synthetic oil for extremely heavy loads and high temperature lubrication. Glasslube 760 forms a lubricating film with excellent load carrying ability even at extreme temperatures. Glasslube 760 leaves virtually no residues even when overheated. No hard carbon in lines of central lubrication systems, no hard residues in plain bearings, joints, etc. Due to its good viscosity/temperature characteristics and excellent adhesion, Glasslube 760 retains its lubricity, reduces friction and offers optimum wear protection at temperatures up to + 180°C. Glasslube 760 is much more economical in use than conventional mineral or synthetic oils thanks to its superior creep properties, adhesion and thermal stability Application Glasslube 760 is miscible with glycol-based oils. Maximum performance however only if applied unmixed. Glasslube 760 cannot be mixed with synthetic oils. Description of Application Ranges Glasslube 760 is suitable for all lubrication p

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