Goat milk-based infant formula

2 Premium, 6 – 12 months


MAMAKO® 2 Premium goat milk-based formula is the closest to breast milk in fat and amino acid composition. It is easily digested and supports healthy growth. No Palm Oil: Goat milk fat globules and absence of palm oil promote soft stool, like in breastfed babies. IQ-COMPLEX for the cognitive development and vision maturation: ARA and DHA (Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids) combined with lutein improve baby's cognitive abilities and protect eyes. Lutein is not produced in the body, and the baby can get it only with food. Prevents colic and constipation: Prebiotics + probiotics B. Lactis restore microbiotic balance, support digestive system and immunity. L-carnitine improves metabolism and absorption of fats and proteins. For the growth: Ca+Fe+I complex helps to prevent rickets, iron and iodine deficiency. Unique components of goat milk improve bioavailability of macro- and microelements. Nucleotides strengthen the innate immunity and protect the baby from viruses and bacteria.

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Weight 400g №12 /800g №6
Base Goat milk

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