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Goat milk-based wheat cereal - With pear & banana


MAMAKO® wheat cereal with pear & banana is a combination of selected cereals and 32% natural goat milk. Helps your baby to discover new taste. Fruits provide add bright taste to cereal, turn it into an appetizing and healthy delicacy. High amount of group B vitamins in wheat and pears, as well as high contain of amino acid called tryptophan in banana, improve mood. Cereal is fortified with 13 vitamins and 7 minerals. Unique components of goat milk improve bioavailability of macro- and microelements. Ca + Fe + I complex helps to prevent rickets, iron and iodine deficiency. High nutritional value and general strengthening properties of wheat cereal are especially useful for children with poor appetite. Easy to prepare: no need to cook, just add warm water. With MAMAKO® wheat cereal with pear & banana, the baby is full of energy and ready for new discoveries!

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