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Goldwell Elumen treatment offers the possibility to color hair without the use of acids that damage them, reducing their destruction and deterioration, unlike traditional perms . The function of the treatment is based, in fact, on the principles of physics. The coloring particles partly penetrate deep into the hair and partly attach themselves physically to the outside of the hair, thanks to their reinforcing effect they reconnect the porous points with each other. A sort of magnetic attraction brings the negatively charged molecules closer to the positively charged particles of the hair, guaranteeing a perfect coloring result. Furthermore, the treatment is unrivaled on the brightness and contrast parameters of the color obtained. Coloring that is used only to tone or give tone-on-tone reflections, it does not cover white hair but has a shine lasting for months. Application : apply the product to the roots and ends without touching the skin, leave on for 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly

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