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Gourmet Peroni Honey-soufflé Gift Box – Compliment... Verified by Europages badge

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4 jars x 30g In this Compliment Series Collection of Flavors Gift Box are included carefully selected 4 Special Peroni Honey Soufflé Flavors (30g glass jar each). Peroni Honey Soufflé is the Luxury taste honey dessert, gently whisked to make the crystals crush with unique creamy texture is similar to the soufflé due to the special mixing technology. The Air in this Honey-Soufflé makes the dessert airy and delicate. Technology for obtaining honey-soufflé was invented in 1928 in Canada by professor of beekeeping J.J. Dyson. Honey is mixed for a long time in a certain mode, aſter which it is kept at low temperatures, thereby forming and fixing its delicate consistency. * *All the useful properties of honey are preserved, as the temperature regime is strictly controlled. Shelf life: 24 months from production date Honey-soufflé Peroni Honey is not just honey, it's an unusual honey treat. Delicate taste, unique consistency, appearance amaze and surprise from the first spoon and to the...