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KROGER Greifertechnik is the internationally leading lifting systems brand. We have been developing and producing superior products for over 50 years. Our grabs stand out thanks to their outstanding handling capacity, long lifespan, low-maintenance bearing technology and their sturdiness. KROGER Greifertechnik is one of the worldwide leading grab systems manufacturers. KRÖGER grabs are successfully used at maritime and inland ports for bulk handling, in warehouses and at industrial or handling sites; as well as in cranes on ships or dredgers for gravel extraction, in excavation diggers, for demolition and waste incineration, in steel mills and in the timber industry. We also repair and refurbish used KROGER and other grabs and offer a reliable spare parts service here at METZEN. We significantly increase your company’s profitability in bulk and bulky goods handling thanks to our senior engineers’, experience, knowledge and motivation, combined with our highly reliable