Graffiti paint removers


The process of graffiti removal is often a laborious and costly one. The problem of graffiti removal is not easy to solve due to the fact that the longer the paint has lingered on the surface the harder it is to remove. This is caused by the paint particles penetrating into the structure of the material which they have been applied onto as well as the paint preservation by sunshine and changeable temperature. If inappropriate cleaning means are used, they may damage the surface and hamper its cleaning in the future. New cleaning technology Thanks to a new KT Removers product line, graffiti removal is more time-efficient, less complicated and most importantly, does not damage original surfaces. Due to the chemical composition of graffiti paints, our removers either contain organic solvents or they are alkaline water-based solutions which decompose dyes thus enabling hydrodynamic removal of the paint remains by means of a brush, cloth or sponge. Anti-graffiti Professional KT...

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