Grain Grade Cleaner

Grain Selecting Machine


The Grain Grade Cleaner is mainly used to sizing the different sizes of seeds, kernels, nuts, beans, etc. Automatic cleaning & grading procedure adopts dual vibrating motors, rubber shock absorber, different sizes of sieves and rubble balls. Materials are vibrated along sieving deck which has multi-layers, then are graded to different levels by size, while oversized and under sized impurities get removed. Customized various screen mesh and amount of sieve layers that make the vibrating grader has wide range of applications and high grading efficiency. Carbon steel or stainless steel can be chosen for quality standard of the screen materials. The product is installed behind the colour sorting machine for a final quality control, or in front of the seeds shelling machine for pre-cleaning. An optimal design, efficient grading operation and compact structure makes it an ideal grading equipment.

  • Food canning and preserving - machinery and equipment
  • Sheller Dehulling
  • capacity Dehulling

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015000 Bayannaoer - China


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