Granulation dryer for continuous operation

Lödige's Granulation dryer for continuous operation


The granulation dryer is designed for continuous operation. A unique property of this dryer is its combination of convection and contact drying. Adaptation of the retention time to the specific process ensures that products are dried at low temperatures. At the same time, excellent granulation of the final product can be achieved. This intense mixing effect separates the particles in the fluid bed, thereby creating a large product surface and preventing the generation of temperature and moisture gradients in the product bed. This leads to a significant increase in the heat exchange via the heated drum walls. The product behaviour during drying is affected by the mixing tool geometry and choppers can be activated as an option; these can be used to control the average product retention time and the retention time distribution. It is therefore possible to achieve a defined grain size distribution during granulation processes

Pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment
  • convection drying
  • contact drying
  • granulation dryer

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