Granulator - WET Cable Granulation & Separation system



The Wrights 1W-110 Wet Compact cable granulator and separation system is a brilliant machine for turning your scrap cable into cash and retrieves 99.9% copper from all your scrap cable. The water in the wet systems help separate your fine cables cleaner than in the dry systems i.e. data cables, TV/Toaster/Kettle’s and other power cable’s/leads, car looms, are separated easier and your end product is very clean copper granules and clean plastic granules with very little or no waste. The machine is operated by a single person. This granulation system is a fantastic piece of equipment and they come with a lot of extras included in the price i.e. different granulator screens for doing large cables or fine data cables and also an extra full set of granulation blades which not many granulation plants will give you and depending on the type of system, screens and new blades can be quite costly. - Length: 1780mm - Width: 1200mm - Height: 1800mm - Machine weight: 750kg Approximately - 6.7kW