Granule Used specifically for industrial mass production, granulates are ideal. Due to the fine grain quantities, the edge is easy and accurate dispensing. Independend of the form, comfortable filling of the melting unit without long melting time is the result. Type Basis Fields of application Datasheets Exakt 102-FT EVA-Copolymer Graphic Industry Datasheet Safety-Datasheet Exakt 102-TU EVA-Copolymer Bonding of cardboard, wood and processed wood, leather, fabrics, various plastics as well as aluminium and steel. Datasheet Safety-Datasheet Exakt 127-UB EVA-Copolymer Gluing of cartons, trays and folding boxes, wrap-around cases, bonding paper and carton Datasheet Safety-Datasheet Exakt 162-FO Polyamid Molding, filter and other general assembly applications. Gluing leather, metals, wood, ABS and flexible vinyl. Datasheet Safety-Datasheet Exakt 162-UO Polyamid F or general assembly applications. Datasheet Sicherheitsdatenblatt Exakt 204-OM APAO Gluing of paper and carton, wood, processed wood, various plastics, f oams, felts , ceramic aso. Datasheet Safety-Datasheet

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