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Graphite for drill greasing

Drilling equipment

220.00€ HT
price per 1 mt


Dear Partners! TPE “Bonustrade” LLC offers for delivery special boring graphite GSB [ГСБ]. When operated in a well, boring graphite: •creates a positive pressure to interstitial pressure; •- transfers hydraulic power to the bottom hole motor and chisel; •- provides a high quality producing formation exposing; •- ensures lubricating and corrosion-inhibiting effect on drilling tools; •- cools and lubricates a chisel; •- prevents drilling troubles (sticking of drilling tools and intermediate casing, circulation loss, oil and gas shows, etc.); •- reduces friction factor; •- ensures environment protection; Packing:1000 kg big bags;We have a possibility of packing according to your requirements. Terms of delivery: FCA (69032, Ukraine, c.Zaporizhzhya); CPT (your delivery address) Country of Origin: Ukraine (Certificate of Origin EUR-1). Product in stock: 50 MT Manufacturing capacity: above 50 MT/month

Carbon and graphite - electrical components
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