LLC Recreation Center Bonustreyd offers to delivery graphite special boring GSB. During the work in a well boring graphite: creates counter-pressure to steam pressure; transfers hydraulic energy to the bottomhole engine and a chisel; provides high-quality opening of productive layers; provides the greasing and anticorrosive action on the boring tool; cools and greases a chisel; prevents possibility of complications when drilling (a holding strap differential, absorption, oil and gas manifestations, etc.); reduces friction coefficient; provides environmental protection; On physical and chemical indicators GSB graphite is divided on: № Name GSB-1 GSB-2 GSB-3 1. Bulk density, kg/m3 450 - 600 600 - 750 750 - 900 2. Humidity, %, no more 2 3. Ash-content, % no more 20 25 30 4. The rest on a grid 016, % no more 10 5. The rest on a grid 0063, % no more 50 The price – contractual; Terms of payment – 100% an advance payment; Terms of delivery – EXW, Zaporizhia. Use of our production...

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