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Graphite powder for conductive products

Graphite powder for coductive rubbers, conductive plastics,concrets etc.

690.00€ HT
price per 1 mt


Graphite powder is used to make conductive products - rubbers, plastics, resins, paints, etc. Particulary pure graphite has the following characteristics: No. Parameters Carbonaceous material.Ukraine 1.Carbon content,, %, MIN . 99,2 2.Sulfur mass fraction, % max. 0,04 3.Moisture content, % max. 0.5 4.Ashes content, % max. 0,6 5.Size, mm (+/-10% upper/lower size) 0-0,2 6.Nitrogen content 0 7.Volatiles, content, % max 1,0 The price – contractual; Terms of payment – 100% an advance payment; Terms of delivery – FCA, Zaporizhzhia.

Carbon and graphite - electrical components
  • graphite powder
  • Conductive graphite
  • pure clean graphite

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