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Our standard grave candles are immediateley available in two sizes: large (7) and small (4) as standards in red and transparent colors. The candles can be equipped with three different lids, depending on the color (gold, silver, or black). Under the first lid, the candles have an integrated secondary lid that serves as weather protection. It allows uninterrupted burning even in windy and rainy conditions. If requested, we can apply any desired label on the candle. We may also provide unique boxes with custom printing and design, tailored to your specifications. We can attach a label to the side of plain boxes if you wish. Product ID: Nagrobna 4 Burning Time: cca 96h Dimensions: 75 mm, height 170 mm 12 candles per box 96 boxes per EUR1 palette 1152 candles per palette (120x80) Gross weight per palette: 499 kg

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2327 Rače - Slovenia