A special field of application for KAHL presses are drying plants for green forage. The voluminous, chopped dried forage can be processed directly into pellets or grass cobs, which offer great advantages especially in animal nutrition. These cobs consist of refined, hot air dried and pelleted meadow grass, clover grass and alfalfa, which comes from agricultural grassland and cropland and can be pressed to a diameter of 8 mm to 16 mm. The complex natural compound of nutrients and the high beta carotene content make this product so valuable. The animal metabolism can convert the natural beta carotene particularly well which means that it is available to the animal in higher quantities. In addition, the cobs' dry matter contains other important components such as protein and amino acids. The high content of high-quality proteins and numerous vitamins and minerals make them an ideal feed, which contributes to the healthy nutrition of animals. Furthermore, the product offers a higher...


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