Green Roof Substrate is one of the most important parts of a green roof. We can roughly divide the green roof substrate into an extensive (mineral substrate, mainly for Sedum roofs) and intensive (mostly thicker cultivation stratum for various plants and trees) substrate. Within these, there are a few different compositions, concerning which, we mainly focus on; pore volume, moisture buffer/water buffer, water permeability, organic matter and specific gravity. Of course, a proper nutritional quality is the basis, looking at N-nitrogen, P-Phosphate, K-Potassium and other main- / trace elements. These can possibly be complemented by fertilizers. In short, you can always have the correct composition and soil for every plant or tree in seemingly the most impossible spots. Our Green Roof Substrate is delivered with a certificate and provided with the necessary laboratory analyses and fully certified for export within and outside Europe. If you desire a specific composition, we can...

Product features

Density dry material (g/cm³) 0,95 - 1,08
EN bulk density 900 - 1100
Pore volume (% v/v) 50 - 70
Maximum water holding capacity (% v/v) 30 - 50
Water Permeability (mm/min) 30 - 40
pH KCl 5,5 - 7,2
Organic matter (%) 4 - 6
Nitrogen (g N/kg) 2,5 - 7
Phosphate (mg P205/100g) 60 - 120
Potassium (mg/l) 100 - 280

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