Green buckwheat

Green buckwheat


A plant from the rhubarb family - buckwheat - has given the world another food of plant origin, valuable in its nutritional and dietary properties - buckwheat. Buckwheat harvested in the fields, after separation from the fruit shells, has a green color, for which it was called green buckwheat, and only after appropriate processing (steaming, roasting) does it acquire a light brown hue familiar to our eyes. It acquires color, but loses some of the beneficial properties inherent in raw cereals. Green buckwheat retains the full potential of nutrients embedded in this cereal by nature. It has a mild taste and ability to germinate quickly, numerous medicinal properties and nutritional value. The benefits of green buckwheat are often underestimated by people, but those who have tried sprouted grains at least once know that it has a pleasant taste and amazing properties. It is about the beneficial properties and benefits of green buckwheat that we will talk about in this article.

Cereals and grains
  • гречневая крупа
  • зеленая
  • не пропаренная ядрица

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