Griffonia 5-HTP 60 Capsules

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To increase the well-being and mood balance. Scope of use for griffonia Fatigue, burn-out, stress Anxiety Depression Mood swings Lack of will Memory problems, bad learning ability Addiction Sleep disturbances, tiredness Migraines, headaches PMS Menopause Ravenous hunger attacks Recommended dose Take 1 capsules of Griffonia 5-HTP 2 times daily with some fluid. Griffonia: Serotonin for mood balance Do you often feel listless, suffer from lack of concentration, migraine or PMS symptoms? The cause is often low serotonin levels! Serotonin is our happiness and well-being hormone. It is produced in the brain and ensures that we are motivated cheerful and relaxed. The active substance in Griffonia 5 – HTP capsules hydroxytryptophan is extracted from the African black bean, which has a particularly high content of hydroxytryptophan. Combined with other amino acids and high-dose B vitamins, Griffonia 5 – HTP naturally increases serotonin levels and also increases...

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