A clamp that fixes a workpiece to a lathe. A lathe dog, also known as a lathe carrier, is a device that clamps around the workpiece and allows the rotary motion of the machine’s spindle to be transmitted to the workpiece. • Carriers for grinding machines and light lathes. • Made of malleable iron. • Shiny Black finish. Item Code No.Capacity InchCapacity mm ABM-IMT-44901/4”6 ABM-IMT-44913/8”9 ABM-IMT-44921/2”12 ABM-IMT-44935/8”16 ABM-IMT-44943/4”19 ABM-IMT-44951”25 ABM-IMT-44961-1/4”30 ABM-IMT-44971-1/2”38 ABM-IMT-44981-3/4”44 ABM-IMT-44992”50 ABM-IMT-45002-1/2”63 ABM-IMT-45013”75 ABM-IMT-45023-1/2”90 ABM-IMT-45034”100

Machine tools - metal machining
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  • dogs for lathes
  • Grinding Carrier - Lathe Dog Manufacturer and Exporter India

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