The comminution or desagglomeration of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) is called micronization and brings about several advantages. The increase of the particle surface caused by the comminution results in a considerably better dissolution rate and bioavailability of the agents and therefore the APIs act faster. Due to the increased bioavailability a lower amount of APIs is required which in turn leads to a more cost-efficient product with less risks and side effects for the patient. Based on comprehensive experience with the production of GMP-compliant pharmaceutical products, all sizes of NETZSCH DeltaVita® machines ranging from small laboratory- to production-size machines excel by the following specific features: •All product wetted parts are designed and manufactured according to the latest GMP standards •Material, production and calibration certificates are supplied together with the machine •Optional cleaning in … ** click to know more **

Grinding - machine tools
  • micronisation of active ingredients
  • Grinding and dispersing

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