Grinding work and maintenance for rails Lower the lifecycle costs of your rails and considerably reduce noise emissions – through our professional grinding maintenance. Modern street and rail vehicles enable the simultaneous grinding of both rails. Furthermore, we offer economical solutions for rail deburring. And thanks to our large fleet we are able to carry out your orders quickly and efficiently. Our range of grinding services includes the grinding of new rails where mill scale and damage from the construction phase is removed and also the removal of corrugations, deburring, re-profiling and acoustic grinding for much quieter rail operations. Grinding maintenance enables better wheel/rail contact which reduces wear and thus improves cost effectiveness. Whichever grinding service you require – the advantages are clear to see: longer rail service life lower maintenance costs better wheel/rail contact for less wear lower noise emissions prevention and removal of rail damage flexible use of modern street and rail vehicles high availability through large number of grinding trains adjustable for rail gauges from 1000 to 1668 mm measurement of corrugations, rail surface roughness, longitudinal and cross-sections by using modern measuring equipment before and after grinding


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